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Wisdom Tooth Extraction - Do's and Don'ts for a Speedy Recovery


Wisdom Tooth Extraction - Do's and Don'ts for a Speedy Recovery

Early adolescence is when most people begin to develop their wisdom teeth. Some people's wisdom teeth might be valuable to their smile if they are healthy and correctly aligned. 

It's not uncommon for them to be misaligned and necessitate their removal. Procedures for the removal of wisdom teeth can be quite painful, but recovery can be sped up. Here are some do's and don'ts that you have to do to end the pain fast and keep smiling. 

Do's after wisdom tooth extraction

You must do some things after a wisdom teeth extraction for a speedy recovery. 

Get enough rest

The first 24 hours following wisdom tooth extraction should rest and not engage in any vigorous exercise. Avoid sleeping on the same side as your extraction by elevating your head with a couple of soft pillows while you're trying to get some rest.

Stay hydrated

Recovering following a tooth extraction necessitates a lot of fluid intake. Aim for at least eight glasses of water each day to keep yourself hydrated and properly help your body repair itself.

Have soft food

Eat soft foods for the first two days after the tooth extraction. You may rely on your oral surgeon to offer you nutritious meal and snack options as you recover.

Use an ice pack

For the first 24 to 48 hours following extraction, apply cold compresses to the affected area. Your discomfort and swelling will be reduced by icing. Ice packs should be applied frequently to ease the pain and swelling.

Jaw exercises

Perform exercises for your jaw by opening and closing your mouth in a controlled manner. However, you shouldn't do this right after having your tooth extracted. You can start doing this after the first 24 hours so that it helps you open your mouth with ease after being stiff. 

Don't do this after wisdom tooth extraction

Don't use a straw

It is essential to maintain a healthy level of hydration. However, drinking with a straw is not a good idea since the suction may upset the site where the wisdom teeth were extracted, leading to a painful condition known as a "dry socket."

Don't have sticky or crunchy food

Following the removal of wisdom teeth, the soft tissues of the mouth and gums become irritated and sensitive. Avoid eating any chewy, crunchy, or sticky items to prevent further harm to the extraction site. Moreover, if any sticky food particles get stuck, there may be chances of infection. 

Don't smoke or drink alcohol

For at least 48 hours following extraction, refrain from smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages. It is best to refrain from doing so for the first week. The use of tobacco and alcohol can slow down the healing process and raise the risk of infection.

Don't overwork yourself

The teeth are often neglected among the other parts of the body. But it can be quite tiring, and you might feel uneasy after the extraction. Therefore, it is best not to overwork yourself and get proper rest. 

There you have it! Follow these dos and don'ts after your wisdom teeth extraction. If you need any further assistance, book an appointment with our El Dorado dentists right away.

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