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Teeth Cleaning Myths No One Should Believe!


Teeth Cleaning Myths No One Should Believe!

We are pretty aware of the famous proverb, which goes as “None understands the value of teeth until unless it’s gone.” This is quite true as teeth are considered one of the main vital organs of the human body. Just like the other parts, the teeth need to be groomed and taken care of regularly to avoid any deformities that are likely to occur if left untreated, subsequently followed by the formation of harmful bacteria. 

Cleaning teeth periodically and at least twice a day is considered one of the healthy lifestyle habits one should follow to maintain hygiene.

Dental specialists recommend various methods of taking care and cleaning one’s teeth. These methods are followed by some myths, too, and we have enlisted some of those which needed to be focused on and are utterly helpful.

Brushing often

Some believe that cleaning teeth frequently in a day, especially after lunch, dinner, and snacks, keeps teeth clean and healthy. But studies show that this procedure is not so healthy, and ultimately it weakens the enamels of the teeth. Dentists prescribe brushing teeth twice a day.

No teeth, no dental care

This is one of the wrong ideas circulated amongst the citizens as the mouth portion of a human being consists of teeth and various organs attached, which need treatment and care to maintain hygiene. So if there’s no tooth left, one needs to clean the adjoining parts and the mouth and visit the dentist regularly.

Hard brushes are best for cleaning

Though the strongest part of the body, the teeth are tender and cleaning teeth with hard substances and hard brushes causes loss on a long term effect. Dentists recommend using brushes that are soft enough to cause any harm to the teeth and the adjoining parts of the mouth.

Replacing brush once a year

Being one of the most sensitive parts of the body, the teeth need to be cleaned with brushes that are not used for more than three months. The belief is that changing brushes once a year is utterly unhygienic and highly harmful to the founding substances of the teeth.

White teeth are not meant to be taken care of

Hygiene does not depend on the color of the teeth. So, no need to relax about your teeth, even if they are clean and white. This does not indicate a hygienic condition, and one needs to take an appointment with their dentist at least thrice a year.

Don’t floss bleeding gum:

Whoever thinks of not taking care of the bleeding gum until they floss they are utterly wrong. That is not what should be done. Flossing regularly will heal the bleeding gum. Flossing regularly will ultimately make one’s gum healthier as well as heal the bleeding gum quickly. This will also cause less pain and bring relief. 

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